In my previous article, I shared my frustrating journey of discovering my ADHD, the challenging path to diagnosis, and the harsh realities of medication.

But medication was only one part of my journey.

In this post (part2), I want to take you through the transformative experience of therapy and how it helped me rebuild my mindset, redefine my understanding of leadership, and ultimately, rediscover myself.

The Importance of Finding the Right Therapy

When it comes to therapy, finding the right fit is crucial.

It’s not just about finding a qualified professional, but also about finding someone who you feel comfortable with and who understands your unique needs and challenges.

For me, finding the ideal therapist was the critical piece that truly began to shift the narrative of my journey.

It allowed me to open up, be vulnerable, and truly engage in the therapeutic process.


No, I did psychiatrist shopping first.

From Australia to Taiwan, I changed over 20 psychiatrists until I found a interesting guy (yes, a psychiatrist also), this is another interesting story, let’s skip this for a moment.

The Power of Transparency (very important)

One of the most important lessons I learned in therapy was the power of transparency.

At first, it was challenging to let my guard down and be fully open and honest about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

But until one day I figured that if there is no transparency, if i don’t put my guard down, then there is no high quality therapy.

So, I allowed my therapist to see the real me – my strengths, my weaknesses, my fears, and my dreams.

This level of openness and vulnerability was essential for my growth and healing.

It allowed my therapist to guide me through a process of self-discovery, helping me to challenge my limiting beliefs, identify my natural strengths and weaknesses, and rebuild my mindset from the ground up.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

However, therapy was not just about addressing my ADHD.

It was a comprehensive journey of self-discovery that touched on every aspect of my life.

This is probably one of the best parts I found from the journey!

Through weekly two-hour sessions, my therapist and I explored my family dynamics, my relationships, my work experiences, and my personal aspirations.

This holistic approach was key to my transformation.

By examining and understanding the interconnectedness of different areas of my life, I gained valuable insights into my patterns of thinking and behavior.

I began to see how my past experiences and beliefs were shaping my present reality, and how I could make conscious choices to create a different future.

Redefining Leadership

One of the most profound shifts I experienced through therapy was in my understanding of leadership.

Prior to therapy, I had a narrow view of leadership that was heavily influenced by my need for external validation.

I believed that to be a good leader, I had to have all the answers and always appear strong and in control.

Through therapy, I learned that true leadership is about authenticity, vulnerability, and empowerment.

It’s about being self-aware, recognizing your own strengths and limitations, and creating space for others to shine.

By embracing this new definition of leadership, I was able to let go of my need for external validation and focus on being the best version of myself.

The Ongoing Journey

Therapy was not a quick fix, but rather the beginning of a lifelong journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

The lessons I learned in therapy continue to shape my life and my leadership to this day.

I’ve come to understand that growth is an ongoing process.

It requires continued self-reflection, self-awareness, and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.

It also requires support – whether that’s through ongoing therapy, coaching, or a trusted network of friends and mentors.

My experience with therapy was truly transformative.

It helped me rebuild my mindset, redefine my understanding of leadership, and ultimately, rediscover myself.

While the journey was not always easy, it was worth every step.

If you’re considering therapy, please find a therapist who you feel comfortable with, embrace the power of transparency, and trust in the process of self-discovery.

The transformation that awaits you is beyond what you can imagine.

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